Oppenheimer Minerals Update

We’ve received several comments on the unidentified minerals referenced in the previous post.  Here are those comments, along with revised images of the mystery specimens as color-corrected in Photoshop, (the original photos all having been admittedly a bit too yellow).


“possibly native silver or copper… the colors are a bit distorted in the [original] photo”

“appears to be native silver, perhaps from Mexico”


“appears to be native copper, perhaps from Arizona”


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“is a polished section(?) through a nautiloid cephalapod”

“this would appear to be an ammonite or other related shell fossil”


“appears to be a mica.  If brown it is probably phologopite; if green it is probably chlorite.”

“Biotite or muscovite”



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Sincere thanks to commenters Axel Emmerman, Pete Richards and Kris Rowe for their feedback.  A note also that Dr. Andrew A. Sicree has kindly posted the full text of his Popular Mineralogy article “Atom Bombs and the Mineral Collector” in the comments section to the previous post.



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  1. I have an unidentified mineral/fossil. Would you help to identify it? Would it be possible for me to send a picture of it?

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