“Oregon Experience: Linus Pauling,” now available online

The terrific hour long documentary Oregon Experience: Linus Pauling, produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, is now available online.

In addition to the documentary feature – which incorporates a large amount of archival material as well as interviews with numerous Pauling scholars in telling the story of Pauling’s life – the Oregon Experience website includes several video extras that did not make the final cut.  Included among them are a fascinating tour of Pauling’s boyhood home on Hawthorne Street in Portland; Cliff Mead’s recounting of a rather nerve-racking pop quiz that Pauling sprung on him in 1987; and Ken Hedberg telling his famous basalt story.

Oregon Experience: Linus Pauling is well worth your time – anyone with an even passing interest in Pauling’s career will find the film to be engaging and informative.  The program may be viewed at:


Pauling Documentary to Air on Oregon Public Broadcasting, May 30th, 9:00 PM

Oregon Experience: Linus Pauling, an hour-long Oregon Public Broadcasting documentary on Pauling’s life and work, is scheduled to air on Memorial Day 2011.  The production represents the first feature documentary on Pauling to hit the airwaves since Linus Pauling: Crusading Scientist, which ran in 1977 as part of the award-winning NOVA television series.

This latest examination of Pauling’s life has been created as an installment in OPB’s terrific Oregon Experience series.  Since 2006 Oregon Experience has shed light on a wide array of figures, events and trends important to the history of the Beaver state.  In the process, the program has covered topics as diverse as rancher and author Reub Long, voice of the Oregon desert, to 1970’s Vortex I, a rock concert and “biodegradable festival of life” cleverly underwritten by then-Governor Tom McCall.

Oregon Experience: Linus Pauling will feature a wealth of archival material as well as interviews with historians Thomas Hager, Mary Jo Nye and Mina Carson, scientists Ken Hedberg and Steve Lawson, and staff members from the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers.  Following its broadcast run, the program will be available for viewing online via the Oregon Experience website: http://www.opb.org/programs/oregonexperience

What: Oregon Experience: Linus Pauling 60-minute documentary

When: Monday, May 30th, 2011, 9:00 PM PDT (program will air multiple times following its broadcast debut)

Where: Oregon Public Broadcasting and the Oregon Experience website