Stylish to the End

[An examination of Linus Pauling’s sense of style during the 1980s and 1990s. Part 4 of 4.]


At Deer Flat Ranch with Ava Helen near the end of her life, 1981.


A professional portrait shot on the ocean adjacent to the ranch, 1983. Credit: Joe McNally.


In black tie with Jill Sackler and Andy Warhol, New York City, 1985.


Posing for yet another bust, 1986.


Taking a moment at the ranch, 1987.


In his study at the ranch, 1987.


On the deck at the ranch with Werner Baumgartner, a fellow chemist. 1987.


The red jacket makes another appearance, 1989.


Seated in the original Special Collections reading room at the Kerr Library, Oregon State University. 1990.


Celebrating his 92nd birthday with his sister Pauline, 1993.


Later on in 1993. By now, Pauling’s health had begun to deteriorate as his cancer worsened.


With son-in-law Barclay Kamb, grandson Sasha Kamb, and a new great grandchild, 1994.

One Response

  1. A great photo of 4 generations, great grandson not grandchild.
    baby Alex David Kamb, father Dr. Sasha Kamb, granddad Dr. Barclay Kamb and great grandfather Dr. Linus Pauling. Photo was taken on his birthday Feb 28, 1994.

    With son-in-law Barclay Kamb, grandson Sasha Kamb, and a new grandchild, 1994.

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