A Visit to Deer Flat Ranch

In the “Further Evidence that Youtube is Awesome” category, we have this home video uploaded by Youtube user carminesmith.  The video primarily consists of footage shot in 1987 of a family visit to Linus Pauling’s ranch on the Pacific coast near Big Sur, California, and it lends the viewer a terrific sense of the remarkable beauty of the property.  While the visit was hosted by Pauling’s grandson Sasha Kamb, the film does include a few shots of a relaxed Pauling welcoming his guests and even recreating with them.  Indeed, this is likely the only video ever shot of Linus Pauling peering out to sea while drinking a beer.

For several decades, Deer Flat Ranch was an important refuge for the Paulings, who increasingly needed to get away from the hectic travel schedules and near constant demands on time that generally defined their lives.  Purchased in 1956, the original dwelling on the Big Sur property had no electricity or telephone.  The second home, built with the cash award that Pauling received from the Nobel Peace Prize and completed in 1966, was larger and more comfortable.  Over time the space truly became a sanctuary for the Paulings, perhaps even moreso for Linus after Ava Helen died.  Today, we are lucky to have this document of a location that was crucial to understanding the Paulings’ story.


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  1. Hello: I’m a huge fan of the work of Dr. Linus Pauling, undoubtedly the most outstanding chemist of the twentieth century, and I have the chance to see him at his home in Big Sur.

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