The Pauling Blog Gets Social Media Savvy

Over the course of the past year, the Pauling Blog’s sidebars have grown expansively. Between the blogroll, our “Today in Linus Pauling” feature, and our archives section, things can get lost. Today, we’d like to highlight some of our reader-friendly utilities.

On the right, you will notice a “Feeds & Bookmarks” section containing two colorful little buttons courtesy of addtoany. The “Share/Save” button will take you to a screen which will allow you to select your social media of choice. You can save a link to the Pauling Blog via Facebook, MySpace, or email, Digg or Stumble the site, or even just create a printer-friendly version of it. It’s a great time saving option for the reader on the go.

The good people at addtoany were also thinking of those who simply can’t visit their favorite sites everyday. The “Subscribe” button will redirect you to a page featuring convenient links to virtually any RSS feed aggregator you may use.

Even more than that, the Pauling Blog now has accounts at several blog directories including Blogged and Technorati. Feel free to check out our profiles, rate our content, or just send us a quick hello. As always, we’d love to hear from our readers.

Finally, check out our “Pauling in the Blogosphere” feature at the bottom of the right sidebar. If you’re looking for Linus Pauling news and media outside of the Pauling Blog and our related websites, we recommend checking out a few of the links hosted here!


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