A Thingum from Roger Hayward

Pastel drawing of a compound of Molybdenum Dichloride. Drawing by Roger Hayward, 1964.

Pastel drawing of a compound of Molybdenum Dichloride. Drawing by Roger Hayward, 1964.

Mother was an artist’s daughter. I was expected to draw just as I was expected to eat or talk or anything else, and I wasn’t praised for the results.

I decided on architecture because I hoped that it would provide a balanced diet of aesthetics and mechanico-science. The diet is short on science, and so my hobbies in later years have tended towards science.

During this period (‘38-‘39) I had R.M. Langer of Cal Tech tutor me in modern atomic theory. I gave him a painting for his effort.

– Roger Hayward, letter to “Doc” C.L. Stong, editor of Scientific American and Amateur Scientist.  December 22, 1950.

Roger Hayward, who illustrated many of Linus Pauling’s publications and enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with many Caltech scientists, liked to refer to “thingums” in various discussions.  The Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections is the future home of the Roger Hayward Papers. In celebration of this event, over the coming months we will be posting a variety of short “thingums” in an effort to bring forth the unique talents of this man who excelled as an artist, architect, engineer and scientist.

Much more on Roger Hayward is available here.

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