Family Legislation: Rules for the Children

Rules for Others and Itinerary of A.H. & L. PaulingMuch has been said about Linus Pauling as a student, scientist, researcher and activist. Here at the Pauling Blog, we’ve discussed his professional achievements in great deal and focused on key moments in his career and personal life. Despite all this, little attention has been given to Pauling as a father and a family man. Though the OSU Special Collections archives are filled with pictures, letters and memorabilia relating to the Pauling children, we have yet to thoroughly examine Pauling’s role as husband and father via the blog.

In order to rectify this mistake, today we offer our readers a rare glimpse into the family life of Linus Pauling. This document is a 10-point set of rules, written by Pauling, outlining expectations for the children while Linus and Ava Helen were away on a trip. Be sure to note Pauling’s more humorous directions including his number one instruction—“The MG is not to be started, run, or fooled with.” Clearly, Pauling knew his priorities.


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  1. My father, Crellin Pauling (ECP), was 13 when this trip found him left at home with his oldest brother Linus. Papa had a penchant for cars, as did his brother. They both developed a fondness for Porsches. Perhaps that interest had already exhibted itself in the Pauling household and creating the need for an admonishment to keep their hands off their mother’s car! As I recall the MG was Grandmama’s (Ava Helen’s).

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