Now Available: “Face Furniture,” by Roger and Elizabeth Hayward

The Haywards were not aiming to improve people’s physical vision in the real world.  Their endeavor was intended as fun stuff, exploring possibilities for facial adornment appropriate to a type of individual.  This eyewear was designed with the wearer in his/her right mind, or out of it, as the case may be.
– Jim and Miriam Kramer

Just in time for the holidays, we are pleased to announce the availability of “Face Furniture,” a book of drawings and poems created by Roger and Elizabeth Hayward.

As readers of this blog know, Roger Hayward was Linus Pauling’s longtime illustrator.  The two collaborated on several major projects, most notably 1964’s The Architecture of Molecules, which featured Hayward’s stunning pastel depictions of complex molecular substances, including this amazing drawing of molybdenum dichloride.

Roger Hayward was a true renaissance man who was comfortable operating in many wildly-disparate environments.  While his work with Linus Pauling required a keen understanding of complicated scientific processes, the forty-one drawings and verses in “Face Furniture” reveal a decidedly more lighthearted side to his and his wife’s abilities.  In their introduction to the book, editors Jim and Miriam Kramer note that Roger

…and his wife, Betty, created these drawings and imaginative verses in their hobbery in Pasadena, California while discussing topics of the time.  They developed this collection for the ‘fun of it.’  After some discussion, Roger would draw an imaginary person, often with a bit of satire, and Betty would compose a verse.  Roger would often get into the act and add his limerick also.

“Face Furniture” is available for purchase online at or by check or money order ($15.95) from:

Tanager Scientific, 3372 Creekview Crescent, Minnetonka, MN 55304-3670

Our past blog posts on Roger Hayward, including a four-part biographical series, are available here.


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