Summer Makeover

Needlepoint Portrait of Linus Pauling, by Jean Salvinien

Needlepoint Portrait of Linus Pauling, by Jean Salvinien

We’re taking a break today from the usual Pauling-related content to make a few announcements about the blog.

Inspired by the beautiful summer weather, we decided that it was time for the site  to change out of its winter clothes.  As a result, you’ll notice that we’re sporting a new design (Digg 3 Column by WP Designer for any curious readers) and a snazzy new banner.

We’ve also added a blogroll and are pleased to point out that Ether Wave Propaganda is featured rather prominently. The good people at EWP are, like ourselves, particularly interested in the history of twentieth-century science. Their blog is also currently undergoing some changes, with the whole project shifting over to WordPress — you can check out the fledgling version here. We’ll be updating the EWP blogroll link when Will Thomas and his crew have finished the transition. In the meantime, please do explore their blog archives.  Our readers might be particularly interested in their article “Twentieth century science and technology.”

Readers might also wish to investigate the American Institute of Physics Oral History Transcripts, produced by the Niels Bohr Library, which the EWP blog discussed here. The Bohr Library site features transcripts of interviews and speeches delivered by scores of prominent scientists — a collection certain to keep the inquisitive reader busy for hours.

As for our blogroll itself, we are acutely aware of its brevity and hope to post a series of new links in the weeks to come. If you run a science, history of science, or archives-related blog, feel free to contact us via comment about adding to our blogroll.


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