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Welcome to the PaulingBlog, the latest online venture of the Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections, home of the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers.

Beginning with the launch of the Linus Pauling Research Notebooks website in February 2002, one of our primary missions has been to digitize and make available as much of the Pauling Papers as possible. As a result, in just over six years, we have scanned more than one terabyte of information, created seven large web portals and are now attracting roughly fourteen million pageviews per year.

Bundled within the tens of thousands of web pages that we’ve developed are any number of fascinating stories – stories about Dr. Pauling and stories about, indeed, the history of twentieth century science. It is the primary aim of this blog to extract some of those stories and present them here in easily-digestible form for those who might be interested. Along the way we’ll also be sharing news from within our department – be it upcoming events, new projects soon to be released or extra insight into projects already completed.

So please continue to watch this space, or syndicate us through the RSS options on the right. We’ll try to post something new at least a couple of times per week and, knowing full well that 175,000 new blogs are coming online every day, we’ll do our best to make your time here at the PaulingBlog well-spent.


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